Information disclosure of futures positions is to be optimiz

Futures Daily News ( AliceZhao )On June 5, Shanghai Securities Exchange, Shanghai Securities Exchange, Dalian Securities Exchange and China International Capital Exchange Issued a notice through their official websites to solicit opinions on the proposed adjustment of position information disclosure. From the announcement, the adjustment of position information disclosure aims to further optimize the disclosure of position information.

Combined with the announcement of several exchanges, the move will be adjusted to the pilot variety position information disclosure content. At the same time, in accordance with the principle of pilot first and steady progress, the pilot variety shall increase the disclosure of the following position information every day while keeping the same information of the current holding position of various contracts in the futures market:

First, the pilot varieties will be divided into four types of investors: individual customers, industrial customers of general unit customers, non-industrial customers of general unit customers and special unit customers, and publish the total amount of long and short positions of each type of customers in the pilot varieties.

Second, the pilot variety of the top 5, top 10 customers long and short positions accounted for the total proportion.